One day we left the pediatricians office, and my older boy, whom LOVES anything transportation related, noticed this old truck. I grabbed my Canon Powershot to snap a picture.  Then miracles of miracles, my boys were both looking at me smiling AND they were holding hands. 

My excitement for how cute this photo could be led me to run home and upload the image, only to find my powershot lens had a layer of fog on it from the Houston humidity. It was disappointing! In learning some apsects of editing a jpeg image in Camera Raw, I was able to recover the photo.  It’s good to always be learning!!

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Amazing capture. Love the old truck and how cute are they holding hands. LOVE it!

Super-cute! I love how vintage this shot looks:)

The fog gave the photo a vintage look which is perfect for this picture of a vintage truck! Great job editing! It looks like you did it on purpose!

love the rustic truck verse the boys

I love that truck and of course the sweet little boys! It looks like it was taken many years ago…love that!

It turned out really cute! Love it!

I love the mood of this photo. The rusted truck really adds to the pic! Well done.