i am often inspired by other photographers who carry their cameras EVERYWHERE, in particular Chubby Cheeks Photography.      She did a wonderful session HERE   of her two girls dressed as princesses sitting in a shopping cart at the grocery store.   How adorable!

my two boys will NOT wear princess dresses!

so one day we are shopping for holiday goodies, my youngest wants to come along and show everyone his new STAR WARS ANGRY BIRDS STORM TROPPER head pillow (glad to get that out!)  

well, little did he and I know that he would get a lot of attention, just not for showing anyone his new storm trooper pillow, but for THIS:

 some of ya’ll may have seen this.  i first noticed him asleep while in the produce area and quickly snapped a couple of photos.  we still needed more goodies so I kept shopping, and he kept sleeping.  when we made it to the well light “ice cream area” I had to snap a couple more.

do i dare say how i sooooo wish i had my real camera.