Just looking at this little fellow’s smile makes me smile too!  Aren’t baby giggles just infectious!

This was my first “photoshoot”, and I am in love with this photo!

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ADORABLE! What a GREAT smile!! 🙂 Beautiful shot!

Very cute! Love the big giggle!

Oh man, I am in love with this photo, too! What a GREAT capture!

Oh my gosh! How could you not smile at this!!??

HA! Now that made me smile! Awesome capture!!!

Now that is so funny! I love that huge smile:-) Wonderful image!!

Love the smile! Too adorable!

If someone could look at that and not laugh, something is wrong. 🙂 That is hilarious and so cute. 🙂 My picture from this week was from my first "photoshoot" too! Congrats to us! 😉 Yours looks fabulous!

Adorable! Makes me smile for sure! Nothing beats the incontrollable giggle of little ones 🙂

He looks so happy!!! Great Shot

That smile is definitely contagious! Great capture!

Awe 🙂 I love this one! What a happy itty bitty 🙂

I LOVE this! So happy!

awww! This photo just makes me happy inside..what a cutie and what a great capture by you 🙂

oh my! How I love that smile!

P.S. For someone "just learning photography", you are amazing!

Okay, that totally made me smile….and it's midnight!

wow that is one big laugh for one little baby…such a great shot!

That is one amazing capture! i love it!