Who can resist a newbie belly button??  

I often look at my boys belly buttons and remember when they were born and my husband cutting their umbilical cords, and how delicate their little lives were in the womb and during birth, and taking care of their belly button those first ten days.

It will always amaze me.

More head, shoulders, knees, and toes over at I Heart Faces


Sweet belly button. :o) I just love little babies. Great pic!

omg i just want to touch it! so real. love this 🙂

Cute little belly. Love.

Oh so precious! I want to smooch that little belly and soak up that newborn magic. Great shot!

Oh no. Sweet belly button! Nothing better then this.

That is SO beautiful. I love Baby tummies!

That belly button just kills me – so so cute!

I just love baby belly buttons and the hand next to it is just so precious!

So adorable! Love little baby hands & belly button.