We took a trip to The Heard Museum in Mckinney, Texas to hike and see the dinosaurs that are on exhibit again.   If you have not been in a while or ever, they do this awesome dinosaur exhibit a couple of times per year.  There is also a small butterfly garden, deer, and a few animals to look at and learn about.   New to The Heard is a small Pioneer Village of houses for children to play in.   My older’s son’s class at school just studied all types of dinosaurs so he really enjoyed it and I think when they started roaring and squeaking it took him off guard a bit.
I should add this is not one of those photos where I enlarged the dinosaur and shrunk my child in photoshop.  This is real life sized dinosaurs and a real life sized child!

He ran up ahead with my husband and friends,  when I noticed him with his stick.

All Boys is the theme this month at I Heart Faces

Boys!  Sticks!  Dinosaurs!  I love me my boys!

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